Rental Car Ticket


During the term of your rental, the vehicle you rented incurred a toll charge or a traffic or parking violation. Please refer to your Rental Agreement.

You may use this website to view details of the tolls and violation citations or tickets. You may visit the rental car company website to obtain a rental receipt.

If you received an invoice for a traffic or parking violation, or an invoice in connection with the transfer of liability for a traffic or parking violation, and you believe that the violation was issued in error, please contact the issuing authority regarding your dispute. If you are able to resolve your dispute with the issuing authority, please attach evidence of the resolution when submitting your dispute below.

If you received an invoice for tolls and administrative fees incurred during your rental, you may not be able to resolve the issue directly with the toll authority. Please fill out the form below to submit your dispute to us for research.

Be sure to include your rental agreement number, notice number, name, address and amount charged with your dispute materials. This information can be found on the invoice you received.
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